ADR-D 400 D90

Třífázové 400 V AC
DIN-rail mounting TRMS network analyzer for the measurement of the main electric parameters of three-phase with or without neutral,with balanced and unbalanced load.
The parameters are: voltage (concatenated and phased), current, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, frequency, power factor (cosφ), phase angle.
The current cables can pass through a clearance hole without screw connection.
The analyzer has an insulated serial output RS-485 with RTU coding system for the connection to a master system (as PC or PLC) on a multipoint line RS-485.

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply400V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationon DIN rail
Maximum voltage3x300 (500)V AC
Maximum current100 A (direct connection)
DisplayLCD with backlight
Number of relays-
Dimensions7 DIN modules