Energy-230 Wi-Fi
Elektroměry - Jednofázové 230 V AC

Energy-230 Wi-Fi

Elektroměry - Jednofázové 230 V AC

Energy-230 Wi-Fi


DIN-rail Wi-Fi energy meter (2 modules) for the measurement of active energy consumption in single-phase systems, with 230 V AC power supply, direct current insertion up to 40A. No display and manageable only via application.   

What is a single-phase energy meter and what it is used for  
A single-phase energy meter is a device designed to measure and record electricity consumption in a single-phase system. A single-phase system is a type of electrical system that supplies electricity through a single phase and a neutral. This type of system is commonly used in homes, small businesses, and other situations where a large amount of electricity is not required.

Device usage
The device, without display, features:

  • a "SET" button on the front for starting configuration
  • three LEDs on the front for displaying product status and connectivity
  • bluetooth interface for device configuration and connection with smartphone
  • Wi-Fi module for remote control via app

Remote control
Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi module, Energy-230 Wi-Fi can be managed via the dedicated "Energy Wi-Fi" app, available for smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android, which allows you to:

  • display partial and total consumption of instantaneous measured values such as voltage, current and power
  • view hourly / daily / monthly consumption trends via an interactive graph, which allows you to scroll through hours / days / months, simply by clicking on the right / left arrow
  • view and download the energy consumption history
  • enable push notifications to alert when the consumption and power value, preset by the user as the maximum threshold, is reached

Energy saving
Being able to consistently monitor and manage data regarding your consumption allows you to realize how much energy you are using. With Energy-230 Wi-Fi, you not only have the ability to optimize resource utilization but also to minimize wastage effectively. This innovative technology ensures that you can harness the benefits of modern convenience while making environmentally conscious decisions. By seamlessly integrating data monitoring and management, Energy-230 Wi-Fi facilitates sustainable practices without giving up convenience.

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“Local operation lock” function
Thanks to the "local operation lock" function, it is possible to manage the device solely through the application, preventing changes through the keys.

Stáhnete si aplikaci z obchodu vašeho zarízení
230V AC - 50Hz
Maximální proud
40 A (přímé připojení)
2 DIN moduly
na lištu DIN
Rozlišení měření
0,1 kWh
Maximální napětí
230V AC

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