Elektrické veličiny
DIN-rail control relay that allows to activate an external circuit when the measured value of voltage is higher (or lower) than the set intervention value.
The threshold, hysteresis and delay values are settable through trimmer and the maximum or minimum relay mode is settable through selector.
An additional selector for the activation of the function "memo" that can keep the acquired output status even when the measured value return to the useful range after an alarm and the consequent relay switch over.

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationon DIN rail
Input signal range10÷100 V , 50÷500 V
Activation threshold10÷100% of full scale (input signal)
Hysteresis5÷50% of threshold
Intervention time0,1÷10 seconds
Number of relays1
Dimensions2 DIN modules