Hlídání proudové zátěže
DIN-rail mounting timer relay for the management of self-produced energy by the photovoltaic system in order to maximize the energy self-consumption.
The device measures the quantity of energy inserted in the power supply: if the energy is higher than the set threshold, the device activates up to three loads (or three load groups).
It is possible to set the order of the load disconnection by the menu.
The measurement of the excedeed current produced by the photovoltaic system works up to 60A through an external current transformer.

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationon DIN rail
Maximum current60 A
Activation threshold0,1÷15 kW
Hysteresis0 ÷ threshold kW
Number of relays3
Dimensions4 DIN modules