Tlc-solar 400TA

Komunikační rozhraní GSM
GSM communication interface for the remote control of three-phase photovoltaic systems up to 690 kW.
The set consists of a radiation sensor necessary for the detection of ambient conditions, a network analyzer to measure the energy produced by the system, a control unit GWI SOLAR to process signals coming from the radiation sensor and the hour meter including a transformer for powering the control unit GWI SOLAR.
The control unit compares signals coming from the radiation sensor and the network analyzer in order to check if the energy production of the photovoltaic systems is complied with ambient conditions.
On the contrary, the control unit signals malfunctioning by sending a text message to one or more phone numbers stored in the phone book.
The control unit has a Digital input to connect a sensor to monitor any alarm situation and two output relays for the connection of loads to be activated if the produced power is higher than a specific threshold.
It is possible to monitor the energy production by periodically sending a text message with the value of the produced energy.
The buffer battery allows to receive a text message in case of failure or restoration of the power supply.

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