Jednofázový měnič pro jednofázová čerpadla
Single-phase inverter for the control of single-phase pump that ensures a constant pressure of water when the capacity is changing. The installation is on wall.
This model is an advanced version that can offer more features:
- irrigation
- two outputs for free voltage contact
- two ancillary inputs
- an input for floating or level switch to stop the pump
- a free voltage contact output for the alarm signal or for the control of an additional pump

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply1x230V AC - 50Hz
Pump voltage1x230V AC - 50Hz
Set point pressure0,3÷20 bar
Pump max power1,6 kW (2,2 HP) 12 A
Installationwall mounting
Dimensions350x260x170 mm