Tuo GSM Bianco

Na stěnu
Wall-mounting touch screen chronothermostat with weekly programming and mains power supply.
Thanks to the integrated GSM module you can manage the chronothermostat remotely by sending simple SMS messages  or thanks to the APP developed by Vemer and available for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet.
The wide display with the multicolour backlighting guarantees the product elegance and sobriety;  its colour can be chosen by the user among 48 possible different shades or it can vary between red, green and blue depending on the gap between the detected temperature and the set one.
The “keypad lock” function with password, useful for example in public places, prevents unauthorized people from doing setting modifications.

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationwall mounting
DisplayLCD with multicolour backlight
Type of commandon/off or proportional
Operation modeheating (winter)/cooling (summer)
Programming resolution1 hour
Resolution limit0,1 °C
0,1% RH
Number of relays1
automatic time change (DST)yes (can be programmed)
Dimensions130x85x28 mm
Relay capacity5A / 250V AC