Mithos RF Nero

Radiofrekvenční termostaty
Wall-mounting radiofrequency chronothermostat with weekly programming and battery-supply.
The chronothermostat matches Vemer remote actuators, for the ambient temperature adjustment.The keypad is hidden under the front panel assuring an elegant and essential design.
The keypad lock function by password prevents unauthorised people from doing setting modifications: this is useful for installations in public places.

Podpora výrobku

Základní vlastnosti
Power supply1x1,5V (AA) battery
Installationwall mounting
DisplayLCD without backlight
Type of commandon/off or proportional
Operation modeheating (winter)/cooling (summer)
Programming resolution1 hour
Resolution limit0,1 °C
Range of adjustment2÷35 °C
Number of relays-
Digital input-
automatic time change (DST)yes (can be programmed)
Dimensions132x95x26 mm