Revolutionize your comfort: discover the new app "Clima Vemer"
29 January 2024

Revolutionize your comfort: discover the new app "Clima Vemer"

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As technology continues to redefine our daily experience, "Clima Vemer" is positioned as a major breakthrough in home climate management. This innovative Wi-Fi solution promises to deliver an advanced management and customization experience, with a focus on modern design and a highly efficient user interface.

Modern and intuitive design
The makeover of the look and graphics of "Clima Vemer" is a statement of intent: to embrace the modern while combining style and functionality. The design, now bolder and more contemporary, integrates seamlessly with the new look of the corporate communication, reflecting Vemer's commitment in providing high-quality solutions that also stand out for their aesthetics. The graphic redesign is not just a matter of aesthetics but an evolution of the company's identity. Every detail, from the logo to the icons, reflects the innovation and attention to detail that characterize Vemer as a company.

Advanced Features
"Clima Vemer" introduces new smart features to ensure complete and personalized temperature and room control. In addition to the ability to adjust the temperature remotely with a convenient cursor, users can precisely program on/off times, create customized profiles for each home/room, and manage at the same time the on/off of all smart thermostats. These advanced features enable users to tailor the environmental temperature to specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort.

User-friendly interface
"Clima Vemer" features an intuitive layout that allows users to quickly access essential functions. Options to control temperature or other sensed quantities, programming the switch-on/off times, and managing custom profiles are all easily accessible from the main screen, making the home climate customization process quick and efficient. The app's intuitive architecture ensures that even those who are not experienced in using climate control applications can adjust temperature and manage settings with ease.

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Energy efficiency at the core of innovation

Energy efficiency concern is a key aspect that characterizes the new "Clima Vemer" application. This stands as an intelligent solution for adapting environmental comfort to the user's needs while reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

Precise on/off programming times function is one of the main features contributing to more efficient energy use. Users can customize the operating cycles of the heating system according to their daily routines, ensuring targeted and resource-conscious use.

The flexibility of "Clima Vemer" in adapting to individual preferences is crucial to a more sustainable approach to home heating or cooling. The app allows users to maintain constant control over room temperature without unnecessary waste, improving system efficiency. In addition, "Clima Vemer" promotes a more responsible use of resources without compromising user comfort. This conscious approach not only contributes to energy savings, but also underscores the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

How to upgrade

To benefit from the new features and improved interface, you need to uninstall the current version of the "Clima Wi-Fi" app and download the new "Clima Vemer" from your favorite app store (iOS or Android).

As a reminder, there is no need to reconfigure anything after installing the new app! You will only need to log in with your existing credentials (email and password). All your currently registered settings and devices will be automatically transferred, ensuring an easy, intuitive, and immediate transition without it.

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