Thermopro valves for radiators: the certainty of savings
18 May 2015
Valvole per radiatori Thermopro la certezza del risparmio 1

What it is

The thermostatic head ThermoPro is the new chronothermostat for radiators designed to dose the water flow inside each heating element, according to the required room temperature. Battery powered,  a weekly programmable chronothermostat is integrated to set different temperatures during different time bands and different days of the week. ThermoPro can be programmed up to 4 switchingovers (time bands) for every day of the week.
It is simple programming, thanks to the wide LCD display, to the intuitive function keys and to the easy-to-use wheel selector. If required, to facilitate this operation, it is possible to use the PC.ThermoPro. Programming can be made on PC and then transferred to the heads by USB port.

Easy mounting

ThermoPro can be installed on all existing radiators if they are equipped of thermostatic valves. The adapter is compatible with the most common valves. The installation does not require interruptions of the heating circuit and does not need  specialized installers. The installation stages are three:

  1. Unscrew the manual thermostat head and pull it off the valve
  2. Screw the connector on the valve (or the adapter)
  3. Insert ThermoPro on the adapter
Valvole per radiatori Thermopro la certezza del risparmio 5

Energy saving

The main benefit of ThermoPro thermostatic valve installation is Energy saving, and therefore, cost savings.
In fact  the temperature of a radiator equipped of thermostatic valve can be adjusted differently from a radiator placed in another room for a smart temperature management, according to every single room requirement.

The ThermoPro heads can be programmed. This allows specifying the time bands when it is necessary to keep the heating on. The functions “holiday” and “open window” prevent wastes blocking the hot water flow.

Save up to 30% of energy consumptions!

Radiofrequency version

The radiofrequency version ThermoPro RF is designed to communicate with Vemer radiofrequency thermostats and  chronothermostats. The operation parameters (setpoint, measured temperature) are managed by the thermostat and transmitted to the head. The last one will provide to partialize the valve opening according to the values received. This system offers a double benefit: the temperature detected is more precise, not being influenced by the heat made by the heating element, and the possibility to control more heads in the same time with a single device. All this in complete safety: in the event the radiofrequency connection interrupts, the head takes control and adjusts the system according to his programming, avoiding frosts or excessive heating. 

Vemer recommends the Set ThermoPro M3 made of an already configured Mithos RF and of three ThermoPro RF to further simplify the installation and to minimize the required procedures.

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