Vemer's offer for indoor air quality
05 March 2021

Why is it important to know the air you breathe in closed environments?

L'offerta vemer per la qualità dell'aria indoor 1

Between home and work it is estimated that a person spends about 90% of their  time indoors.

For this reason, the air we breathe at home and in closed environments in general must be as free as possible from pollutants and noxious  substances, to guarantee and protect our health.

The main parameters that are taken into consideration to determine the quality of the air in the home and indoors are:

  • ventilation
  • humidity
  • concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide, one of the main pollutants)

CO2 and wellness

In closed environments, the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) can reach severe thresholds for health.

Indoor air quality should not exceed the limit value of 800 ppm (parts per million).

Vemer's offer for indoor air quality 1

Vemer solutions

Vemer offers two CO2 detectors that differ from each other not only for the type of installation but also for the technical and functional characteristics and for the areas of use.

Vemer's offer for indoor air quality 2
L'offerta vemer per la qualità dell'aria indoor 4



CO2 equivalent is a measure that expresses the impact on global warming of a certain amount of greenhouse gases compared to the same quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The graduated scale around the knob  of alarm threshold adjustment shows CO2 equivalent.

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L'offerta vemer per la qualità dell'aria indoor 5


3 analogue outputs through which it is possible to detect the values of CO2, temperature and humidity.

In addition to the CO2  concentration, the instrument also detects temperature and humidity, two important values in determining the quality of the air you breathe.

RQAIR indicates  the CO2 concentration via 3 LEDs:

  • green (optimal levels)
  • orange (warning levels)
  • red (dangerous levels).

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