Mithos color wi-fi: the chronothermostat always connected.

10 Listopad 2017

Research and innovation meet to create a new chronothermostat, always connected, which allows a remarkable energy saving and ensures a high level of comfort.

Mithos color Wi-Fi is the Vemer chronothermostat wi-fi  which allows you to manage your heating system even when you are not at home, in a simple way, using your smartphone.

Are you already out of your home and have you forgotten the heating on? Advance your return and want to find a comfortable temperature?
All this today is no longer a problem!

Thanks to the dedicated app, you can figure and manage your Mithos color Wi-Fi wherever you are, in a simple and intuitive way.

The novelty of Mithos color Wi-Fi

Le novità del Mithos color Wi-Fi

Mithos color Wi-Fi is the natural evolution of its predecessor, Mithos Wi-Fi, in comparison to which it brings some important novelties, such as a new app that greatly simplifies the initial configuration phase, or the multicolour LCD.   
Moreover, functional management allows an immediate switching from remote management (app) to local management (keyboard on the device) and vice versa.

The combination of these elements make Mithos color Wi-Fi the perfect solution for the control of your heating system.


The app that allows you to control the Mithos color Wi-Fi has been revised and now offers a procedure that guides the user step-by-step during the initial configuration of the chronothermostat, for a greater ease of use.

Manage your own chrnothermostat, create new weekly programs,change general operating settings, check the status of the system, etc… has never been so easy!

The new app is available for Apple and Android systems. 
Access the store and download the free application for your smartphone or tablet.



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An ever vigilant eye

An ever vigilant eye

Mithos color Wi-Fi allows you to prevent possible alarm situations even when you are not at home.

The exceeding of a set temperature threshold or the occurence of generic alarms from devices connected to the Mithos color Wi-Fi (gas leaks, flooding, boiler block,...) are all conditions promptly reported.

Mithos color Wi-Fi is available in white and black colours:
visit the product area to know all the technical features of the  new remote control chronothermostat.

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