emergency lamp Orion: bring the light with you.

26 Říjen 2018

The emergency lamps now are a mandatory equipment in all homes and are a key element in terms of safety in residential environments.

Designed to illuminate the rooms in the event of a blackout, these devices allow safe movements even in the absence of power, allowing you to complete the activity in progress without incurring any danger.

In this context, Vemer adds to its catalogue Orion, a new flush-mounting emergency lamp.

Small and compact, it occupies the space of two modules and can be installed in all flush-mounting boxes with a height of 45 mm. The adapters included in the package allow its adaptability with the plates of the main civil series.

Orion guarantees constant lighting for more than two hours thanks to the rechargeable battery it is equipped with and, if necessary, it can also be removed from the seat and used as a portable flashlight. The red led lights up to signal that the battery is nearing depletion.
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