memo AST LUX: the programmable astronomical twilight switch that was not there.

29 Listopad 2018

Vemer expands its successful series of memo digital switches introducing a new product, characterized by a high versatility of use.

Memo AST LUX is in fact an astronomical twilight switch designed for the management of lights, luminous signs and lighting systems in general.

The great versatility is guaranteed by the dual operation, that is as an astronomical switch with light probe or as programmable twilight switch.

This allows the management of the load both according to the time and according to the ambient light  or the combination of these two factors.

In the case of astronomical operation, memo AST LUX calculates the sunrise and sunset times based on the geographical coordinates of the installation site (or by selecting the city from the menu) and switches the load on during the night according to the chosen program. The brightness probe then, allows lighting even during the day, in case of low light due for example to the presence of particularly stratified clouds.

If memo AST LUX is configured as programmable twilight, the activation of the load occurs only if the brightness measured by the probe is lower than the set threshold and at the same time a daily or weekly program is active.


The backup battery ensures that settings are maintained even in the event of a power failure and can be easily replaced once the life cycle has been completed, while the keyboard lock with password and the seleable cover are a guarantee of safety, preventing unwanted changes by unauthorized persons.

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