Sensor 360L: the new movement detector with high coverage

12 Únor 2021
Sensor 360L: il nuovo rilevatore di presenza ad alta copertura

When light is turned on only when and where it is needed, it becomes synonymous with Safety and Energy Saving.

Vemer enriches its range of movement detectors with a new ceiling-mounting device: Sensor 360L.

Sensor 360L uses infrared technology to detect the movement of a heat source within a 360° detection area. 

The covered area

The width of the detection area depends on the height at which the sensor is installed.

For example, with an installation at a height of 12 meters (maximum mounting height of Sensor 360L) the "coverage" will be guaranteed on a surface with a diameter of 17 meters.

La config

Through special selectors it is possible to set and adjust:
the detection field, i.e. the limits of the "coverage" area;
the luminosity, i.e. the light threshold established for the activation of the detector;
the intervention time, i.e. the duration of the detector activation. 

An important peculiarity of the device is that it can also be programmed remotely, without the need to intervene directly on the selectors.
Thanks to infrared technology, in fact, the adjustment can be made by means of a dedicated TC.Sensor remote control.