Tempo: new configurable flush-mounting time/astronomical switch

09 Červen 2021

Vemer presents Tempo, a new device that joins the other time / astronomical switches of the Vemer range.
The peculiarity that distinguishes it from other modular switches is the type of flush-mounting installation, but like the other configurable switches proposed, it can be programmed both as a time switch and as an astronomical one.
This dual functionality makes it ideal for managing electrical loads over time, both with a fixed frequency (timed function with daily or weekly periodicity) and on the basis of sunrise and sunset times (astronomical function).
Tempo is offered in two versions:


The contexts of use can be many, such as the activation of bells or the timed opening of gates or doors, the start-up of irrigation pumps or the switching on of street lighting systems, shops, etc.
Visit the product area and discover all the features of the new Tempo series switches.