Solutions for Remote temperature control

09 Leden 2015
Remote temperature control

The indoor temperature remote control and management  means having the possibility to set your home temperature also when you are far away from it.

This can happen thanks to the most widespread mean of communication, the mobile phone.

For this purpose Vemer has developed  a series of devices for the climate management, allowing to exploit GSM and WiFi for the command transmission from your mobile phone.

Coming back home and finding an optimal room temperature is an evident situation of comfort.

Cost and energy saving are unquestioned: useless or prolonged activation of the heating system are avoided.

immagine MITHOS GSM
immagine THERMO GSM

GSM solutions

The instruments developed to control the system via GSM signal are: Mithos GSM and Mithos GSM RF, wall-mounting chronothermostats with weekly programming and Thermo GSM, wall-mounting thermostat. Powered by mains, these devices are equipped with an integrated GSM modem that allows the communication with the mobile device through text messages (SMS) and telephone rings or through applications specifically developed by Vemer for smartphone and tablet Apple and Android.
Among the stenghts of GSM instruments it's important to highlight the compatibility of the modem with the main SIM cards in use and the absenceof a fixed telephone line needed to operate.



The Wi-Fi solution

This device has been designed to control the installation via Wi-Fi  and Mithos color Wi-Fi technology. It is a wall-mounted chronothermosat with weekly programming mains supplied.
Thanks to the integrated wi-fi module, the chronothermostat internet connection is made through the home network and once connected it can be managed by app from your smart-phone or tablet.
The APP, specifically designed from Vemer, is available on iOS or Android systems, allowing the easy and intuitive programming of the instrument without acting on Mithos Wi-Fi keys.


All these tools have a common and important feature: to prevent alarms. When the temperature threshold exceeds, a black-out,  the boiler block , or any other generic alarm occur, it is promptly signalled receiving a sms (gsm tools) or an e-mail message (wi-fi tools).

Visit the relevant product pages and find the best solution for you.