Vemer emergency lamps: the magic of light when there is no light.

24 Říjen 2018

The design of a modern electrical system is regulated by the technical standards issued by the bodies in charge of each country.
In this regulatory context the emergency lamps are fully integrated and are designed to go into operation when ordinary lighting fails, for example for a blackout, with the following objectives:

  1. allow to continue or conclude the activity in progress
  2. provide lighting along corridors and paths in order to allow the flow to the exits
  3. allow the identification of fire alarms and equipment located along the exit routes

offerta vemer

The Vemer offer for emergency lamps consists of 4 products.

All models turn on instantly when the main lighting fails and guarantee illumination for more than two hours.

The primary discriminating factor for the choice of the emergency lamp is the type of installation: flush-mounting or DIN-rail.

All flush-mounting models are supplied with the frames that allow it to be installed with the main civil series.


Vemer emergency lamps: a concrete help when the light disappears.