GSM technologies for the remote control of the indoor temperature.

20 Listopad 2019
GSM Technologies

Controlling and managing the air conditioning system remotely means being able to set the temperature of your home even when you are away from it.

This can be realized by the most common means of communication as the mobile phone.

Vemer has developed a series of devices dedicated to the management of the domestic climate that allow to take advantage of the GSM technology for the transmission of commands from your mobile phone

How does the GSM control work?

These devices are equipped with an integrated GSM modem that allows communication with the mobile device through text messages (SMS) and telephone rings or through applications specifically developed by Vemer for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Among the strengths of GSM devices it is important to highlight the compatibility of the modem with the main SIM cards in use and the absence of a fixed telephone line necessary for operation.

the app

The APP, developed ad hoc by Vemer and available for iOS or Android systems, allows the control of the devices in a simple and intuitive way, without the need to act on the keyboard.


Thanks to the APP you can heat the environment only when actually necessary, without unnecessary heat waste.

tuo gsm
thermo gsm
mithos gsm

GSM Chronotermostats and thermostats: Vemer offer.

The devices developed to control the system via the GSM signal are the chronothermostats TUO GSM and MITHOS GSM RF and the thermostat THERMO GSM.

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