Energy Wi-Fi: the new app for remotely monitoring energy consumption
29. April 2024

Energy Wi-Fi: the new app for remotely monitoring energy consumption

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In a historical period when everything is just a click away, the Energy Wi-Fi app emerges as a tool for remotely managing your energy usage. With continuous access to consumption data, it enables you to develop awareness and responsibility regarding energy conservation. The synergy between the Energy-230 Wi-Fi energy meter and its newly dedicated app aims to promote a more conscientious approach to energy usage, ultimately assisting in lowering utility costs.

By staying connected to the Energy-230 Wi-Fi energy meter, the new application empowers users to monitor their consumption, facilitating targeted resource management.

Basic and premium version

The features offered are diverse, ranging from the ability to view partial, total, current, power, and voltage consumption. With its highly intuitive interface, the Energy Wi-Fi app enables convenient resetting of partial meters at any time, facilitating tracking consumption over desired periods. Additionally, users can access hourly and daily consumption details through an interactive graph. These functions are accessible across multiple devices by simply downloading the application and entering credentials.

This significant advancement not only represents progress toward a smarter and more sustainable energy future but also paves the way for more accessible and sophisticated energy management, laying the groundwork for more careful and efficient resource utilization.

For users seeking even greater control over their consumption, the Energy Wi-Fi app offers a Premium version with additional features. Among these are interactive graphs depicting monthly consumption, the ability to download consumption history, and smartphone notifications for exceeding maximum power thresholds or consumption. Furthermore, the Premium version facilitates quick and easy transfer of device management to another user.

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Conscious use of energy

The application’s multiple features make energy monitoring and management more accessible and comfortable than ever before. Being able to monitor energy consumption allows you to manage resources more sustainably, reducing waste and maximizing energy use optimally. This not only results in long-term financial savings, but also helps reduce environmental impact by promoting a more environmentally friendly and responsible lifestyle.

The new Energy Wi-Fi app is the optimal solution for those who wish to combine technological convenience with a commitment to protecting our planet.

Download now the ner application in the App Store and Play Store!

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