Oikos Wi-Fi: the elegance of smart control for an eco-friendly home
07th February 2024

Oikos Wi-Fi: the elegance of smart control for an eco-friendly home

ambientazione OIKOS wi fi

Among the smart technologies for climate management, which can boast the quality and prestige of Made in Italy, the new Oikos Wi-Fi smart thermostat is positioned as the top of our 2024 range. This innovative product stands out as a pinnacle of excellence, offering complete management capabilities through a user-friendly application.

Why is Oikos Wi-Fi so innovative? It is not just a simple Wi-Fi programmable thermostat, but a system that promises intuitive control, tangible savings on bills and a reduced environmental impact.

Oikos Wi-Fi enables you to effortlessly manage the comfort of your home or office, thanks to the user-friendly interface of the new "Clima Vemer" applicationcompletely revamped in both design and functionality (explore all the new features of the app >> go to the article). This application serves as the beating heart of the device, providing complete and immediate control over the climate in any environment. Adjusting the temperature before returning home or powering off all devices with just one touch is now a tangible possibility.

Why choose Oikos Wi-Fi?

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Oikos Wi-Fi not only allows for simple and precise management of home comfort but also offers the opportunity to create personalized programs to tailor each environment to your needs.

And the benefits don't end there: Oikos Wi-Fi is an excellent ally in reducing bills thanks to its precision in optimizing energy usage, proving that smart control can lead to tangible savings.

In a world where ease of use is paramount, Oikos Wi-Fi stands out for its practicality. It's a device that adapts to your lifestyle, giving you the control you need without complications. And while it simplifies your daily life, it works behind the scenes to reduce your energy consumption, translating this efficiency into savings on bills and a positive environmental impact. It's an investment that benefits both your wallet and our planet.

Oikos Wi-Fi carries the prestigious "Made in Italy" label. This is not just a label but a guarantee of quality and reliability. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the new programmable thermostat represents a commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The elegant design and technological precision reflect Italian craftsmanship, making Oikos a choice that not only ensures comfort and savings but also underscores your commitment to supporting high-quality Italian products.


All the features of Oikos Wi-Fi

  • compact built-in Wi-Fi smart thermostat
  • weekly programming
  • mains power supply
  • manageable exclusively via application
  • manageable via Google Home voice assistants
  • easily configured using your phone's Bluetooth connection
  • suitable for the cover frames of the main switch and socket systems thanks to its white/grey/black/sand colours
  • also available in the -INT version for round flush-mounted boxes

Choose the innovation of Oikos Wi-Fi right now

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