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Our journey, our mission

Vemer is an Italian company - located in the heart of the Dolomites - which develops and manufactures its products in Italy. Quality is the top priority when it comes to the study and design processes for solutions aimed at measuring, controlling and regulating electrical and environmental quantities, such as voltage, current, temperature and humidity. The company strives to create products which, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, ensure maximum comfort, a low environmental impact and optimised consumptions.


Design, quality and reliability

The Vemer product catalogue comprises over 2000 products for the electrical and ITS sectors. The same products are divided into various, more specialist product categories.
Customer oriented mindset
Vemer “just in time”

There is no intermediary between Vemer and the customer. All of a consumer’s needs are catered for and fulfilled “Just-in-time” by the company’s personnel, who remain on hand to both meet specific needs and offer customised services.

Technical support

The specialised technical personnel provide assistance to both customers and distributors via email, phone and social networks. The technical support service recommends the most suitable product according to specific needs, resolves technical issues and provides performance and functional characteristic-related information.

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Assistenza tecnica
Products not available

Do you need some technical information but can no longer find your product in the catalogue? Don’t fret! In order to satisfy our customer’s needs, we have created a section that contains the user manuals of all our discontinued products.

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Fuori produzione
Download area

Are you looking for information on our range of products, the main characteristics or the Terms & Conditions of sale? Or would you like to browse our updated price list? We have created an ad hoc section from which you can download all the information materials for free.

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Materiali informativi
Sales support

A sales and back-office team - composed of specialised and professional employees - are available to directly assist customers and distributors in their native language, throughout the entire purchase phase.

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Assistenza commerciale

Discover our mobile app

Directly manage your products with a few simple clicks on your phone, thanks to the dedicated applications. Download them onto your Apple or Android devices, create a personal account, simply register your device and then start configuring the product according to your needs.



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