Ethics and sustainability

The commitment to protecting the environment and the territory

Vemer's dedication to environmental and territorial preservation is deeply embedded in its core mission. Every decision and step in our design and production processes is driven by a strong belief in the necessity of protecting our planet. Consequently, adopting sustainable practices and integrating cutting-edge technologies are not just goals but essential aspects of our corporate identity. We strive to create products that fulfill our customers' needs for functionality and quality while minimizing environmental impact. This commitment drives us to continuously innovate, redefine, and improve how we conceive and manufacture our products, all with the aim of building a more sustainable future.

Our contribution to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the air (CO2) is reflected in our intervention of energy requalification, by the installation of a photovoltaic system of 81,25 kWp on the factory roof. The installation has been completed in August 2013 and allows the company to use about 40% of his energy requirement coming from renewable sources, with an annual reduction of 64 tons of CO2 emissions. The  installation is made of 325 fixed panels, with a total capacity of 81,25 kWp, covering a surface of about  560 m2 and assuring  an annual estimated production of 89.325 kWh.

Impianto fotovoltico aggiornato

Vemer quality, certified quality

We are always looking for quality in studying and developing solutions for the measurement, control and regulation of electrical and environmental sizes. The principle on which Vemer bases his quality policy, sharing and complying with the rules of design, production and sale processes of his products is: “The maximum level customer satisfaction, matching his expectations and according to his implicit and explicit needs, is achieved thanks to the high quality of the products and services offered”.

All of our products are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. A careful, scrupulous and constant control is what characterizes the quality of our products. Design, production and sales activities are fulfilled in compliance with industry standards, ensuring quality, reliability and durability. Vemer commitment in pursuing this objective is concretely recognized by the achievement of certifications.

Do you want more information about our CERTIFICATIONS? Visit the dedicated page on our website.

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