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An evolving footprint with a view to constantly evolving innovation

An evolving footprint: three words that perfectly describe Vemer; the phrase reiterates the company’s ability to transform and innovate over its 40 years (and counting) in business.The small Milan-based garage soon expanded and evolved into a well-established company. Its expertly fine-tuned production strategy has allowed new technologies to be incorporated into the company’s product range. As a result, user experience has been enhanced, by guaranteeing maximum customer interaction with the finished product.

Fusione impronta

Our production strategy, the pursuit of comfort.

Vemer's production strategy is based on a regular analysis of the reference market, the consumer’s changing needs and new innovations in the technological sector. By doing so, the company designs and offers ever-cutting-edge solutions.


We are a company focused on the CULTURAL and CREATIVE aspect

In 2021 we proposed a pilot project within DIVA: a three-year program supported by the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia cooperation program, financed by the European Regional Development Fund, aimed at creating a "DIVA cooperation model" between SMEs and businesses of the Cultural and Creative Industry. Our partner was ZELDA Srl, a theatrical production, training and consulting company in business theater and communication. Together with ZELDA we have created CRE.W - a creative way for innovation. Among over 100 proposals, CRE.W has been selected, together with 20 other projects, to give life to a path of corporate innovation through the creative industries.

Territory and technology: a bond to be respected

Browse our gallery to find out how our business is closely connected with the environment that surrounds us.

Artists and professionals from the cultural world have participated in our working life to teach and stimulate the use of creative techniques in the corporate sphere. This is to strengthen internal ties and improve communication between employees, consolidate external brand awareness by highlighting the aspects of Made in Italy, sustainability and energy efficiency, respond to the new multiple challenges of modern society. Therefore, create an innovative, receptive and professional business model. We have worked for a long time to create a corporate story that tells about our values, who we are, our daily reality and the relationship with the surrounding environment. We were able to bring out the true heart of the company: the passion and dedication behind every single project, the expert and professional hands behind every single product.

From this program the new company video was born - which tells the real engine of the company: people, in their daily life - and a photographic storytelling focused on the analogy between machinery/products and natural elements, to tell the respect and attention constant for the environment around us. Two video tutorials were also produced on our flagship products and an illustrated narrative story, an innovative business card to tell young people about us.

Thanks also to capacity building modules held by industry experts, we have started a continuous process of growth and learning to fully understand the importance of the creative and communicative sphere in business activities and put its principles into particular, even in international contexts.

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