Mithos GSM RF Bianco

Wall-mounting chronothermostat with weekly programming and integrated GSM and RF modules.
Thanks to the integrated GSM module you can manage the chronothermostat remotely by sending sms from your smartphone or using an APP specifically developed by Vemer.
The RF module instead allows the control of the heating (or cooling) system via a radiofrequency signal to send to a Vemer remote actuator, solution particularly useful in existing systems where wiring would be difficult. As an alternative, the chronothermostat has a relay in case you want to connect it to the system via wire.
Thanks to the RF module it’s also possible to control, independently of the detected temperature, up to 7 further remote actuators connected to as many electrical loads. The activation of these loads can be controlled remotely by sending an sms.
The digital input allows the connection of an external device for the monitoring of any alarm situation (for example boiler block), promptly signaled by sending an sms to the configured users or an external temperature probe.

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Main features
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationwall mounting
DisplayLCD without backlight
Operation modeheating (winter)/cooling (summer)
Programming resolution1 hour
Resolution limit0,1 °C
Range of adjustment2÷50 °C
Number of relays1
Digital inputfor external temperature probe or digital input for alarms
automatic time change (DST)yes
Dimensions132x95x36 mm