Mithos GSM Bianco

Wall-mounting chronothermostat with a built-in GSM interface, available with weekly programming and mains supply.
The integrated gms module permits the control of the remote chronothermostat by sending a text messaging from a mobile phone.
The keypad is hidden under the front panel assuring an elegant and essential design.
The keypad lock function by password prevents unauthorised people from doing setting modifications: this is useful for installations in public places.
The digital input permits the connection to an external device to monitor some alarm situations (for example a boiler block) that are all at once signalled via text messaging to the settable address or the connection to an external temperature probe.

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Main features
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationwall mounting
DisplayLCD without backlight
Type of commandon/off or proportional
Operation modeheating (winter)/cooling (summer)
Programming resolution1 hour
Resolution limit0,1 °C
Range of adjustment2÷50 °C
Number of relays1
Digital inputfor external temperature probe or digital input for alarms
automatic time change (DST)yes (can be programmed)
Dimensions132x95x36 mm

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