Three-phase 400V AC
DIN-rail mounting TRMS network analyzer for the measurement of the main electric parameters of single-phase or three-phase with or without neutral,with balanced and unbalanced load.
The parameters are: voltage (concatenated and phased), current, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, frequency, power factor (cosφ), phase angle.
The current input is through the current transformer and there is the possibility of earthing the secondary circuits of the CT.
The analyzer has two settable output relays:
- output relay as maximum or minimum operation with delay setting
- output relay as pulse output for the count of energy.

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Main features
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationon DIN rail
Maximum voltage65 kV with TV x/230
Maximum current10000 A with TA x/5
DisplayLCD with backlight
Number of relays2
Dimensions4 DIN modules