Astronomical twilight switches - DIN-rail switches


Astronomical twilight switches - DIN-rail switches



Astronomical switch with twilight probe, daily or weekly programming, 230 V AC power supply, 1 relay and DIN rail installation (2 modules).

What is an astronomical switch with twilight probe?
An astronomical switch with twilight probe is a device designed for digitally control the switching on and off of electrical circuits. Thanks to an internal program and a direct connection to the electrical system, the switch turns electricity on or off at a specific time or according to sunrise and sunset conditions.

How it works 
The astronomical twilight switch works thanks to software inside the device, which allows it to calculate when the sun rises and when it sets. This is possible thanks to programs inside the instrument that allow it to analyze the latitude and longitude at which the device is located, depending on the geographical area set. Daytime operation (dawn to dusk) is possible through the use of the remote probe. The astronomical twilight switch battery has a life of five years and can be easily replaced when exhausted thanks to the flap on the back of the device.

The astronomical switch with twilight probe is particularly suitable for managing lighting systems, illuminated signs or fountains. Memo AST LUX has two types of operation:

  • astronomical operation during the night time slot and with daytime switch-on due to the twilight probe, if the light level drops below the set threshold
  • twilight operation programmable programmable with switch-ons when the brightness level falls below the threshold and only if the schedule (with daily or weekly periodicity) so provides

The remote probe can be placed a maximum of about 50 meters away from the switch. The switching delay of the probe is adjustable between 1 second and 30 minutes.

How the product looks like 
The device has the size of 2 DIN. There is a large backlit display on the front of the switch to display the date, time, relay status, and textual guidance.

Keypad lock function
The device has a "keypad lock" function with password, which is useful, for example, for installations in public places, prevents settings from being changed by unauthorized persons.

Other power supplies are available for all models on request.

Power supply
230V AC - 50/60Hz
automatic time change (DST)
yes (can be programmed)
2 DIN modules
on DIN rail
Number of relays
daily/weekly + astronomical
Programming resolution
1 minute
Luminosity range
OFF, 3÷500 lux, ON

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