DIN-rail switches
Astronomical switch witgh twilight probe particularly indicated for the management of shops lighting and luminous signs in general.
The initial configuration requires the activation of the load from sunset to sunrise and during the daytime hours in case of low light. This operation can be modified and customized by the user.
Alternatively, memo AST LUX can be used as a programmable twilight in which the activation of the load occurs when the probe detects a low light condition and only if the programming (daily or weekly) requires it.
The wide display allows to view the date, the time and the relay status.
The “keypad lock” function by password, useful for example for installations in public places, prevents unauthorized people from doing setting modifications.
The cover on the instrument allows the replacement of the backup battery once discharged.

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Main features
Power supply230V AC - 50/60Hz
Installationon DIN rail
Programmingdaily/weekly + astronomical
Programming resolution1 minute
Luminosity rangeOFF, 3÷500 lux, ON
Number of relays1
automatic time change (DST)yes (can be programmed)
Dimensions2 DIN modules

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