Asso Wi-Fi: the new compact flush-mounting chronothermostat with wi-fi
05 December 2019

Asso Wi-Fi is the new flush-mounting weekly chronothermostat of the Vemer range with integrated Wi-Fi technology for remote control of the domestic climate.

The dimension: 2 modules

The size is compact, the chronothermostat can be inserted in flush-mounting boxes with a height of 45 mm and with a size equal to or greater than 2 modules.

Aesthetics and functionality

The profile is linear and square.
The front, under which white LEDs are placed to display the room temperature, is of opaline colour.
On the front panel of the chronothermostat is displayed only the measured temperature.
Red LED reveals the status of the system (on or off).
You can manage Asso Wi-Fi only through APP, but it is equipped with a button for any manual emergency operation.

Asso Wi Fi il nuovo cronotermostato wi fi da incasso di dimensioni compatte 1
Asso Wi Fi il nuovo cronotermostato wi fi da incasso di dimensioni compatte 2

What allows you to do the app?

  • Manage the chronothermostat remotely, check the system status and program its adjustment
  • Create and modify programs and settings
  • Program the heat in a defined time
  • Be notified by email of any anomalies in the system
  • Manage many chronothermostats simultaneously according to the different heat requirements of each home room. ("Group" function)

Some news of the "Wi-fi Climate App"

In addition to the functions already provided for  the other Wi-Fi models, it is possible:

  • Define two time bands (day and night) and assign to each band a different light intensity level to the display
  • Compensate the temperature detected in the room by + or - 5 degrees if the area in which the chronothermostat is installed is subject to anomalous conditions such as air currents, direct radiations, etc., which could alter the detected temperature
  •  Specify the time zone of the installation area
Asso Wi Fi the new compact flush mounting chronothermostat with wi fi 1

The Multi Zone control

The "Group" function in the ASSO Wi-Fi APP allows you to create a group of chronothermostats installed in different environments in order to send them a series of common commands that will have simultaneous effect.

Voice commands

ASSO WI-FI can also be controlled by voice commands. By speaking directly to Amazon's Google or Alexa Assistant, you can request the measured temperature, raise or lower the degrees, turn the heating on or off, change the operating mode, etc. ... all without lifting a finger.

Compatibility with plates

ASSO WI-FI is compatible with the plates of the main civil series thanks to the adapters supplied.

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