Comfort, aesthetics and energy savings, all in one product
6th May 2024

Comfort, aesthetics and energy savings, all in one product

ambientazione oikos wifi minimal

In an ever-changing world where technology and design come together to create unprecedented experiences, Vemer also decided to revolutionize the industrial landscape by introducing innovative products that combine maximum functionality with timeless aesthetics.

Vemer’s basic idea is to offer products that are not only technologically advanced, but also embody the elegance and sobriety of minimalist design. From this concept comes Oikos Wi-Fi, a smart thermostat with no screen and a compact size of only two modules. The device blends perfectly with its surroundings, resulting in an integral part of the decor.

With Oikos Wi-Fi, Vemer is breaking away from the idea that more functionality necessarily translates into greater complexity and bulk. The new smart thermostat, in fact, despite its small size, is equipped with the best technologies. Entirely manageable via app, the new Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to control the operation of heating and cooling devices installed in your home even remotely. With its intuitive and user-friendly design, the Vemer Climate app is easy to use and allows the user to quickly access essential functions. It enables you to manage the switching on and off of multiple smart thermostats at the same time and create customized profiles for each home/room easily and immediately.

These innovations are just the beginning of a long series of products and services that will revolutionize comfort and energy control in home and industrial settings.

Oikos Wi-Fi and environmental impact

oikos wifi e nuova applicazione clima small

Along with technological innovation, Vemer also wants to devote proper attention to environmental impact. With these new devices he decided to embrace the modern, combining style, functionality and sustainability. Smart thermostats that can be managed entirely by app offer users the ability to program the heating and cooling on and off and the desired temperature to suit their needs. This allows you to optimize energy use when it is not necessary to heat or cool the rooms, especially when you are away from home or during the night.

True allies in minimizing waste while also reducing bills!

Oikos Wi-Fi is the first product that manages to enclose all these features: thanks to its screen-less design, it allows exclusive management through application. Vemer has a lot of innovative projects in store, don’t miss a single one!

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