Klima LCD RF: the simplicity of a radiofrequency solution
17 November 2017
Klima LCD RF la semplicità di una soluzione a radiofrequenza 1

Vemer enriches its  offer of radiofrequency products for home climate control with the new wall-mounting thermostat Klima LCD RF.

Based on Klima LCD, it inherits its functional features but offers the great benefit that a radiofrequency device guarantees. In fact  the installation is fast and very simple, also in already existing structures and doesn’t require wiring and heavy duty works.

Like the other radiofrequency thermostats, to work the Klima LCD RF must be combined with a remote actuator.

Klima LCD RF is compatible with all remote actuators of Vemer  range and, like the other radiofrequency instruments, meets stringent electromagnetic pollution standards by using very fast pulses to effectively reduce electromagnetic emissions.

To simplify installation and configuration phase, Vemer also proposes the Klima LCD RF already configured and combined with a remote actuator RX.16A (Set Klima LCD RF).

Visit the product area to discover all features of the new radiofrequency thermostat Klima LCD RF.

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