Memo BUS: the evolution of the series
16 February 2016
Memo BUS l'evoluzione della serie 1

The series of memo digital switches is enriched with a new model, characterized by great operation precision and high versatility.

Memo BUS in fact unites in one device the functions of time switch to those of astronomical twilight switch and, thanks to 9 independent programming channels, it’s able to control up to 9 different loads.

Memo BUS is expandable.
The terminals for the connection to the BUS-485 make this device very flexible and modular.
Of the 9 configurable channels, only the first is physically realized by the relay on board of the device. The other 8 channels are realized by connecting to the memo BUS two additional relay modules RX4-8A, each with 4 relays.

Memo BUS l'evoluzione della serie 2

The GPS receiver

Also through BUS-485it’s possible to connect the additional module GEO-1, a GPS receiver that offers a dual advantage.

The possibility to capture automatically the geographical location of the installation in order to calculate sunrise and sunset times and a clock synchronization always perfect.

The time signal coming from GPS satellite system is sent to memo BUS every 30 minutes, effectively canceling the clock accuracy problems that can occur with traditional switches.

995x2000 30220
Memo BUS l'evoluzione della serie 4

La batteria di backu

The backup battery ensures the operation of memo BUS even in absence of mains supply and, once exhausted, it can be easily replaced through the front cover, with no need to remove the device from  DIN-rail.

The independent counters associated with the 9 channels allow the calculation of the operating hours of each connected load, while the programs sending / receiving function allows you to transfer programs to other memo BUS connected on the same BUS communication.

Memo BUS l'evoluzione della serie 5

The sealable cover and key lock with password finally ensure high safety and prevent undesired modifications of the operational parameters.

Visit the area dedicated to the products to discover all the features of the new combined astronomical/time switch memo BUS.

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