Memo Wi-Fi: the strength of the connection
12 April 2023

Memo Wi-Fi: the strength of the connection

Memo Wi-Fi is the new Wi-Fi time/astronomical switch, with 802.11 b/g/n standard, for managing electrical utilities over time with maximum precision. It allows time programming with daily/weekly or astronomical periodicity.

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Memo Wi-Fi is simple, intuitive and fast: you manage and program it directly from your smartphone. Thanks to the multiple programs available, it allows you to program the activation or deactivation of a load/utility based on the time or the conditions of sunrise or sunset. There are 2 types of programs that can be set: astronomical and hourly. To these Vemer decided to add causal functioning. An excellent solution to simulate the presence of people in the home and/or office.

The device is entirely manageable and programmable remotely with the smartphone. Just connect the device to your home router and install the Memo Wi-Fi app on your smartphone or tablet, available free for both iOS and Android.

When the device is connected to the network, the time update and device synchronization will be automatic. Furthermore, the possibility of correcting the sunrise and sunset times by 120 minutes has been added. This is very useful in the presence of disturbing elements, such as mountains for example, which can influence the local light intensity, making it necessary to anticipate or delay the calculated times.

Discover the new MEMO WI-FI: click here for the product page
On our YouTube channel you will also find a playlist of videos dedicated to configuring and programming the new device: click here for the YouTube playlist

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