Wi-Fi technologies for remote temperature control
20 November 2019
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For Vemer, Wi-Fi technology means being able to communicate with the home even from a distance.

The total control of your  heating and cooling system, also and above all remotely, is Vemer's goal in the design and construction of devices that today are defined  smart, i.e. intelligent, fast, aimed at improving the quality of living.

The houses are always more and more  functional, modern, technological and Vemer wants to equip them with devices that really can increase the quality of everyday life.

Wi-fi chronothermostats with App

Have you already left home and forgotten to set or switch off the chronothermostat?
Return early and want to find a comfortable temperature?

Wherever you are, you can feel at home is the slogan that summarizes the efficiency of the chronothermostats with WIFI technology made by Vemer.
How does it work? ? Thanks to the integrated wi-fi module, the chronothermostat connects to the internet via the home network and once connected can be managed via APP from your smartphone or tablet.

The APP, developed ad hoc by Vemer and available for iOS or Android systems, allows the complete programming of the instrument in a simple and intuitive way, without the need to act on the keyboard.

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What allows you to do the app?

  • Manage the chronothermostat remotely, check the system status and program its adjustment
  • Create and modify programs and settings
  • Program heat in defined periods
  • Be notified by email of any anomalies in the system
  • Manage simultaneously many chronothermostats according to different needs of heat in the home

Thanks to the APP you can heat the environment only when actually necessary, without unnecessary heat waste.

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