With Mithos GSM RF everything is under control. Wherever you are.

03 October 2016

The chronothermostat Mithos GSM RF is renewed and becomes radiofrequency to provide greater flexibility and free the installation by installation constraints.

Mithos GSM RF, like its predecessor, can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, sending simple SMS or using the app specially developed by Vemer for Apple and Android systems.

The main novelty is the presence of the radiofrequency module, through which it’s possible to control the system (heating or cooling) without any physical connection (wireless), solution particularly useful in systems where the wiring is difficult. However it’s also possible  to choose the traditional solution which provides the connection to the boiler via wires thanks to the relay of which the instrument is equipped.

The use in the case of central heating

The use in the case of central heating

Radiofrequency offers another big advantage: it allows you to control the opening of the radiator valves (ThermoPro RF).


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The monitoring of critical situations

The monitoring of critical situations

Mithos  GSM RF allows you to monitor any alarm situations: exceeding a set temperature threshold, or the occurrence of a blackout are situations promptly reported by sending an SMS. Thanks to the digital input, Mithos GSM RF also alerts you immediately of a possible boiler block or a general alarm situation (gas leaks, flooding, etc.).

Mithos  GSM RF is powered by mains, it is compatible with the SIM cards of the operators on the market and it does not need any other equipment nor any fixed telephone line to work.

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