New digital switches: when Micro is better

19 April 2016

After the success achieved with Simply range, Vemer offers to market Micro, a new series of switches with virtual trippers.

Compactness is the characteristic that distinguishes these new products: the new switches in fact, occupies the space of only 1 DIN module, thus saving space in the electrical control panel.

Micro combine in one product the advantages of digital time switches and those of switches with trippers, thus forming a perfect combination of precision and ease of programming.


The range

The range

Micro is proposed in 3 versions:
- Micro D, a time switch with daily programming
- Micro W, a time switch with weekly programming
- Micro AST, an astronomical twilight switch for the management of the loads between the sunset time and the sunrise time (night)

All models are equipped with a backlit display to show the programming carried out through the virtual trippers and are provided with pre-set date and time in order to speed up the installation.

The backup battery allows the switch to work even in absence of mains and can be replaced through the cover on the front, without removing the device from the DIN rail.


Visit the area dedicated to the products to discover all the features of the new Micro switches series.