New staircase light timers: a great solution against waste.

30 August 2017

Have you ever felt the unpleasant surprise of getting into the unattended little rooms of your house (cellar, attic, garage, ...) and realize that you have forgotten the lights on, resulting in waste of energy? Have you ever thought of the convenience of climbing a staircase without having to turn off the lights when you arrived at your destination?

In these cases, the staircase light timer is the solution for you! Activated by pressing a button, the timer automatically turns off the lights after a set period of time.

Vemer, with its constant goal of reducing waste and paying particular attention to its customers, also joins the renewed
TE 200 with a new staircase timer, the TE 300.

If the TE 200 meets the main need to turn off the lights after a settable interval time (possibly resettable), the TE 300 offers greater versatility thanks to a wider choice of available features.
Like the TE200 equipped with a selector and trimmer for setting the switching off delay, the TE 300 has moreover a dip-switch to choose one of the 8 different possible functions.


Do you need to turn on the lights for a definite time and to extend their activation by pressing the button again? The solution is the staircase timer function, with or without early warning.

Do you need to turn on the lights for a definite time and to turn them off early by pressing the button? The solution in this case is the timing step function, also with or without early warning.

Do you need to turn on the lights and leave them on until you press the button again? The pulse step function is the right solution for you.

What is the early warning?

You will surely find yourself suddenly in the dark because of the expired timing and scramble to look for the exit or the light switch. Well, with the early waring this will not happen anymore: getting closer of the timing expiration is signaled by the on / off sequence of the lights (1 second OFF, 10 seconds ON to repeat twice). In this way, you have the time to not get unprepared and to start again by pressing the next button again, the timing count.

Visit the product area and discover more details on the new electronic staircase light timers TE 200 and TE300.