MEMO NFC: switches are increasingly smart

03 October 2018

Vemer has updated the time switches and astronomical twilight switches of  memo series with the dual aim of offering an increasingly effective response to the needs of the installer and ensure greater flexibility of programming for the user.

The most evident innovation is represented by the introduction of NFC technology that, combined with the app "memo" that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store, allows you to program the switch using your smartphone, in an easy, fast and intuitive way. This technological improvement has the clear purpose of simplifying the lives of professionals, called every day to deal with devices with increasingly evolved functions.



NFC (Near Field Communication, communication in the vicinity) is a technology that can wirelessly connect two devices located close to each other. Unlike other technologies, with NFC the association between two devices is a completely automatic operation that does not require pin or password.

The reduced distance to which the two devices must be and the simultaneous activation of the transmitter and receiver guarantee that the data exchange takes place exactly in the desired way. It is therefore sufficient to bring the smartphone close to the memo display to establish communication.

The "memo" application developed for Android systems allows the management of the switch, without the need for data connectivity. After downloading and installing it is possible to:

app memo


  • create programs directly on the smartphone to transfer them to one or more memo;
  • act on a virtual memo to create programs without having a memo. The programming and settings of the virtual memo can be saved in the app and subsequently transferred to the memo
  • acquire the programs of a memo and copy them to another memo (copy / paste function)
  • change the date, time and geographical coordinates settings for astronomical versions
  • acquire the settings necessary for the proper functioning of the memo (such as date, time, installation position) automatically using the smartphone settings

The updated time switches are four and are offered in daily/weekly versions with one or two channels (memo DW, memo DW2) or yearly (memo Y, memo Y2). They represent the ideal solution for the management of electrical loads over a fixed period of time: for example, the activation of bells or the timed opening of gates or doors, the start-up of irrigation pumps, etc.


The twilight astronomical switches are two: memo AST1 and memo AST2. These models have been updated with new types of programs, introduced with the memo BT, to meet the most disparate needs of the user and ensure greater flexibility. With this in mind, the memo AST1 is now programmable by the user with any of the available programs and is no longer bound to execute only the pre-set program as in the previous model. These devices are extremely versatile and particularly suitable for use on street lighting systems, shops, illuminated signs, etc. and in general for all those applications based on sunrise and sunset times (astronomical function).