27 April 2018
Lampada di emergenza Nana

The emergency lamps plays a key role about the safety in residential environments, to ensure the lighting of the rooms in the event of a blackout and allows safe movements even during a power failure.

We are used to having emergency lamps installed in rooms, corridors and passage places, but when the blackout is due to the disconnection of the main switch or the differential in the electrical panel, it is necessary to act inside this last one to reactivate the system, operation often made difficult due to the darkness inside the electrical panel itself.
For this reason, Vemer has designed Nana, an emergency lamp with DIN-rail installation that illuminates the electrical panel when there is no current and makes it easier to reactivate the system.

Nana is small and compact, occupies the space of a single DIN module and ensures constant lighting for more than two hours, thanks to the rechargeable battery it is equipped with.
Visit the area dedicated to the product to know all the features of the new emergency lamp Nana.