Memo BT: with the new Bluetooth time switch be the master of time.

15 March 2018
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Vemer has thought of the installer and the problems he daily meets in carrying out his work and, with the aim of improving his performance and speed up installation time, offers the market the time switch memo BT.

Configurable as a timer or astronomical twilight switch to guarantee high versatility, memo BT has a built-in bluetooth interface and is therefore able to communicate with common smartphones and tablets.

This technology, in combination with the specially developed app, allows the installer to create programming and initial configuration directly from his smartphone, in an easy, fast and intuitive way.

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The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and allows the complete management of the memo BT, without the need for data connectivity, in a secure way thanks to bluetooth communication standards and data protection by password.
Just a few easy steps to:


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Memo BT is the ideal solution for the management of electrical loads over time, both on a fixed cadence (hourly function with daily or weekly frequency) and on the basis of sunrise and sunset times (astronomical function).
Consider, for example, the activation of door bells or the timed opening of gates or doors, the start-up of irrigation pumps or the switching on of the street lighting systems, shops, etc.

Memo BT is available in versions with one relay (memo BT1) or two relays (memo BT2).

Visit the area dedicated to the products and discover all the features of the new time switches memo BT.