About us

Our journey, our Mission

Vemer was founded, more than 30 years ago. Since that time Vemer is a leading company on the electrical market as a manufacturer and distributor of solutions and instruments suitable for civil and industrial fields.

Vemer’s headquarters and all the company functions like Manufacturing, Design, Manufacturing and Sales are based in Feltre, in the province of Belluno.  Vemer believes that his “made in Italy” line is a sort of  distinctive sign of quality and reliability.

The Company is made by a group of people which are meeting, thinking, designing, producing and looking ahead on the same direction. Vemer believes that cooperation among the people has to be considered as an important Value. In this perspective Vemer constantly invests in Research and Development with the purpose to offer to the customers always more innovative, functional and reliable over time products.

Vemer offers to the national and international markets a wide range of products. For this reason every range of products has been divided into specific families,  in order to guide the customer in making the most suitable choice.

Climate management. Chronothermostats, thermostats, humidistats.

Time management. Digital time switches, astronomical and twilight switches, movement detectors and hourmeters.

Gas and safety. Gas detectors , solenoid valves for gas, transformers, emergency lights.

Measurement and control. Measurement devices, energy meters, control relays, network analyzers,  products for autoclaves, level controllers, testers and current clamps, current transformers and shunts.

Heat regulation. Heat regulators and digital heat regulators, temperature, pressure and humidity probes.

Insulators and busbar supports.

Accessories for installation.

Download the policy for quality, environment and safety

Download the policy for quality, environment and safety

Vemer constantly strives to keep customer satisfaction high and the quality of the products and of the offered services, transparently proposing innovative products and dedicated to the specific needs of the user, and ensuring that the activities carried out meet the legal requirements, in particular way about safety of work, safety of the sold products and of the environment.