1980 – Vemer Elettronica Srl was founded.

1990 – During  years ’90 the Group consolidated its position on the market through the acquisition of the brands  Audoli, Bremas e Telergon and was founded Vemer Group.

2001 – Vemer Siber Group was founded. After  some corporate changes, Vemer evolved into an International industrial company, Vemer Siber Group.

2007 – A new history starts: VEMER left Vemer Siber Group and was founded Vemer Spa. The new CEO Enzo Brignoli took over the Industrial Electronics Division, for residential comfort and safety as well as for industrial heat regulation and measurement.

2008 - Vemer Spa has been renovated and presented to the market as an innovative company, consistent with defined goals and in line with the real potentiality, acquired in over thirty years of experience.