Vemer for environment

Environment care

Our contribution to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the air (CO2) is reflected in our intervention of energy requalification, by the installation of a photovoltaic system of 81,25 kWp on the factory roof. The installation has been completed in August 2013 and allows the company to use about 40% of his energy requirement coming from renewable sources, with an annual reduction of 64 tons of CO2 emissions.

Technical information
The  installation is made of 325 fixed panels, with a total capacity of 81,25 kWp, covering a surface of about  560 m2 and assuring  an annual estimated production of 89.325 kWh.

The Project has been financed by The Regional Operative Program part FESR 2007-2013. Action 2.1.3: Revolving  fund for the investments to optimize energy consumptions.

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