General sales conditions

Communication – in any form – of the purchase order implies a knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions.
Acceptance of such conditions means they will be applied to the executed contract.
The purchase order is binding and irrevocable for the buyer but not for Vemer Spa, which shall be free to accept it or not, without the buyer acquiring any rights, in  the event of non-acceptance.

Shipments and deliveries
Shipments and delivery terms must be agreed, according to Incoterms 2010.
Any delays in delivery shall not entitle the buyer to refuse to collect the dispatched goods even partially.
Standard packaging (in carton boxes) is free.
The buyer waives any claim for damages against Vemer Spa due to delays or partial execution of deliveries.
Goods always travel at the risk of the buyer including when sold carriage free.
In its own interest, the buyer should always check the integrity and quality of the received goods before collection, as well as any losses or faults, including partial, which must be notified to the carrier; no claims can be accepted after 8 calendar days from the receipt of goods, without prejudice to any shorter term indicated in the Italian Civil Code.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the dispatch of sold goods shall be made using the means chosen by the seller.

Minimum purchase order
The minimum amount of a purchase order is 300 Eur, unless agreed otherwise.

Ownership of the sold goods remains to Vemer Spa until full payment of the price is made pursuant to art. 1523 of the Italian Civil Code and subsequent.
Delay in paying, even partial, of the invoices beyond their expiry, gives the right to the immediate application of the legal interest rate, as well as charge any banking expenses and commissions. Absence of payment authorizes Vemer Spa to suspend further supply.

Returned goods
Only after Vemer Spa approval, unless agreed otherwise, also partial returns of goods are accepted. Returned goods must be delivered ex-works Vemer Spa.

Warranties and complaints
Vemer Spa products are covered by a good-operation warranty for a period of 24 months from date of delivery, excluding any damage caused by tampering, negligence accidents, normal wear or any indirect damage produced by bad use.
Even if packaged, the goods must be handled with care, and stored in a dry place, according to the instructions on the technical documentation attached to the product.
Any complaints concerning manufacturing faults must be made in writing to Vemer  Spa after producing evidence that the product has been installed and/or looked after correctly according to the indications of the technical documentation attached to the product.
Vemer Spa disclaims all liability in the event of products being used for other purposes than those for which they were intended, as indicated in the catalogue and in the technical documentation.
All the products shown in the catalogues or price-list are made in strict compliance with safety regulations and, if they are correctly installed  by qualified personnel and used for the purpose for which they were intended and properly serviced, they will protect the safety of people, animals and things.
The products that fall into the field of applications of the Community Directives 2006/95/CE (low voltage), 89/336/CEE and subsequent amendments (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 99/5/CE (R&TTE) comply with the chief requirement contained therein.
Vemer Spa reserves the right, without prior notice, to make all the changes which, as it own undisputable judgment, permit upgrading the technical and functional features of the products and the relevant production logics.
The technical features of the products indicated on the illustrated documents (catalogues, brochures, leaflets, etc) are shown for information only and are under no circumstances binding as these could be amended at any time without prior notice.

Competent law court
The contract is perfected at our head office in Feltre. For all disputes, the only competent law court shall be Belluno court, Italy.

Remark: The rules stated above are valid for every contract of sale, except in case of different agreement during the negotiation.