Celo and Hygros: highly-technology and innovation
09 March 2022

The new flush-mounting thermostat and humidistat with practical front knob

CELO and HYGROS, two new devices that joins the other flush-mounting thermostat and humidistat of the Vemer range.

Both products have simple and elegant lines and are available with a white and anthracite grey front panels (it is also possible to buy the silver coloured cover). The peculiarity that distinguishes them from other products is their practicality: you can manage the temperature and humidity through a practical front knob.

Two-module size

To make the products efficient and intuitive, Vemer has chosen the two-module size. Our solution allows CELO and HYGROS to be straightforward not only in their final use but also during the installation phase.

Our two modules are compact, highly-technological and innovative.

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Celo: /en/catalogue/climate_control/electronic_thermostats/flush-mounting/celo_VE789400
Hygros: /en/catalogue/climate_control/electronic_humidistats/flush-mounting/hygros_VE789000

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