Radiofrequency solutions to manage your indoor climate
05 January 2015
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Flexibility is Vemer’s key word to design solutions for the temperature management inside your home.
This is why, among a wide offer of devices for the climate management, an important rule is represented by the radiofrequency solutions, an offer of  very easy-to-install products, suitable also on already existing installations.
In fact, thanks to these devices it is possible to free the installation from structural or plant engineering constraints: wirings, masonry works or other expensive interventions are not required.
All Vemer radiofrequency devices operate on 433,92 MHz frequency band, according to European rules; furthermore the transmission occurs by the transfer of very fast impulse to efficiently reduce  the electromagnetic emissions.

The range

The radiofrequency tools range is designed to grant a wide compatibility between the different devices, to allow  designing tailored solutions for every individual need.
The basic system is made of a thermostat located in the room to control and of an actuator (remote relay) that is usually located next to the boiler.

Mithos RF, chronothermostat  with weekly programming

Chronos RF, chronothermostat with weekly programming and  touch-screen display

Thalos RF, thermostat with touch-screen display

Mithos H RF, chronohumidistat  combining the chronothermostat  weekly operation and  the humidistat function.

RX1-8A, DIN rail mounting with an output relay.

RX1-8A P, Wall-mounting radiofrequency remote actuator with an output relay.

RX.16A, Flush-mounting radiofrequency remote actuator with an output relay.

RX4-8A, DIN-rail mounting radiofrequency  remote actuator with 4 output relays (e.g. zone valves).

RX7-5A, DIN-rail mounting radiofrequency remote actuator with 6 output relays (e.g. zone valves). An additional relay for the pump connection allows to switch automatically when at least one of the 6 valves is activated.

ThermoPro RF, remote actuator for radiators, able to partialise the opening of the thermostatic valve located on the radiator.

To facilitate and simplify the customer choice, Vemer has implemented the range with a series of already configured “Sets”, made of a thermostat (or chronothermostat) and of a remote actuator RX.16A.

Multizone control

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A multi-zone control system allows managing different temperatures for every room of the house. Thanks to the radio-frequency devices it can be made wireless. For example, it is possible to match four chronothermostats (also if they are different from each other) with an RX4-8A actuator to independently control the temperature of as many rooms.

Find the radiofrequency solution more suitable for your needs, searching on “Products” menu.

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