TMS: the new DC power supplies
16 May 2022

The reliable flow of energy: stabilized switching power supplies

Vemer adds new AC-DC power supplies (TMS series) to the range of DIN-rail mounting safety transformer for discontinuous service (TMC and TMD series).

The new power supplies are of switching type, which compared to a (classic) linear power supply have a higher level of efficiency. They are small and compact - suitable to be inserted in civil cabinets. They have higher level of efficiency than a linear power supply.

There are 8 models proposed, grouped by size:

  • TMS 12/24 and 24/24 with 2 DIN modules
  • TMS 12/30, 12/48, 24/36 and 24/60 with 4 DIN modules
  • TMS 12/90 and 24/108 with 7 DIN modules

The new products have an input voltage of 115-230 V AC or 110-350 V DC and an adjustable output voltage from 12 to 14 V DC or from 20 to 28 V DC, depending on the model. The TMS with 2 modules dimensions have a power up to 24W, those with 4 modules up to 60W and those with 7 modules up to 108W.

TMS have been structured to guarantee efficiency with maximum safety: they are equipped with thermal overload and short-circuit protection, they do not require additional EMC filters for the use in the civil sector, the container is made of fireproof plastic and ventilation grids have been implemented for the ventilation of the internal components. They also have IP20 protection against accidental contacts.

The TMS have diversified fields of application such as: constant voltage LEDs, release coils, alarm systems, sensors, domotics, electric locks and solenoid valves.

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