Tuo. The smart management of your home
28 February 2019
Tuo. The smart management of your home 1

Live Smart

The market is ready to welcome solutions that today are called smart, ie intelligent, fast, designed  to improve the quality of living.

The houses are increasingly functional, modern, technological and in this context fits perfectly TUO, the new wall-mounting chronothermostat of the Vemer line.

The goal is to equip the new homes with devices dedicated to managing the domestic climate that can really increase the quality of the daily life. This not only thanks to the functional aspects of the product, but also enhancing the aesthetic aspect, which in TUO is deliberately simple, but at the same time refined.

Matter of style

To define the shape and the lines of the new wall-mounting chronothermostat, Vemer wanted to follow a precise style and a modern, essential, clean, bright and elegant design.

TUO is a touch screen. The surface of a few millimeters that accompanies and protects the display is transparent and the glass effect it produces gives the chronothermostat a shiny appearance. The keypad consists of 4 touch-sensitive keys, elegantly placed on the side of the display.

Tuo. The choice of the right model

TUO is available in the "basic" version, that is, the one that qualifies it as a weekly wall-mounting touch screen chronothermostat, powered by an electrical network. The available colours are two, black and white. Starting from this version of TUO, Vemer has developed the other models in order to allow the management of the air conditioning system even remotely.

Taking advantage of the GSM and W-FI technologies to transmit commands from your phone, this is how you get TUO Wi-Fi and TUO GSM. To support the two versions there is the model TUO WI-Fi RF, that integrates together the two modules. The radiofrequency allows to control other auxiliary loads, independently from the detected temperature. The activation of these loads can take place remotely by sending a text message.

Tuo. The smart management of your home 2

Management through APP

Any modification of the chronothermostats parameters can be done via the keypad or remotely via a dedicated APP.

Have you already left the house and forgot to adjust or switch off the chronothermostat?
Return early and want to find a comfortable temperature?

The APP, developed ad hoc by Vemer and available for iOS or Android systems, allows complete programming of TUO GSM and  TUO WIFI in a simple and intuitive way, without having to act on the keypad.

What allows you to do the APP?

  • Manage the chronothermostat remotely, check the system status and and program the regulation
  • Create and edit programs and settings
  • Manage multiple chronothermostats installed in different environments
  • Program the heat in a defined time
  • Be notified by e-mail of any anomalies in the system or generic alarms derived from connected devices
TUO. La gestione intelligente della tua abitazione 4

Colours, a choice of taste

Another peculiarity of TUO is the backlighting of the display: its colour can be chosen by the user among 48 possible different shades  or it can vary between red, green and blue, three colours that allow you to intuit immediately if the temperature the environment is more or less  warm than the desired one.

Matter of security

TUO is equipped with two possible functions that preserve the security in managing the domestic system.
The "KEYPAD LOCK" function with a password is very useful, for example, for installations in public places because it prevents any actions by unauthorized persons.
The "LOCAL LOCK" function instead allows the chronothermostat o be controlled exclusively by APP, making it impossible to change the settings using the keypad.

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